Featured Video: Clinical Class

Featured Video: Reformer Class

These classes are an awesome group workout that will help lengthen and strengthen your dancer muscles! Based on elements of a Ballet Barre and Pilates, you’ll leave these sessions feeling like you’ve worked every muscle in your body. Suited to any fitness level, classes are a maximum of 10 clients and you are free to book in straight away.
These classes are suited to a beginner to advanced level. Maximum of 5 clients per class, you will be given exercises and stretches suited to your own personal needs. We use a mixture of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Wunda Chair, Trapeze Table and more), the class is led by an instructor throughout. Clients must do an initial assessment prior to booking in.
We recommend these classes to clients with some Pilates experience before starting. Reformer classes are a maximum of 5 clients per class, all clients will complete the same exercises in a group workout setting led by an instructor, with the exception of modifications for clients who may need them. An initial assessment is not mandatory, however we highly recommend attending one before starting Reformer Pilates so you have a good understanding of core activation and some other important technical aspects.


An assessment is required before attending our Clinical Pilates classes, but not required for Reformer Pilates or Barre. Assessments can only be booked over the phone or via email: info@formpilates.com.au (you can’t book assessments online or via our app). If you are unsure about what classes would best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!